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The hallmark of Profit & Pension Planners is loyal and consistent service. We do not seek to replace your trusted advisors, but rather, we work together with your established attorneys and accountants. We save you valuable time by presenting you and your team of professionals with a wide array of pension and retirement products and helping you to select the best possible plans for your company’s unique needs.

Within the pension industry the average turnover of service providers is five years…our working relationships span decades. Our typical client is a closely held family business that has thrived under our care for two or more generations.

We are dedicated to providing you with cutting-edge pension-planning ideas and service. We monitor the retirement-plan marketplace and always keep ahead of the issues. We are constantly looking for and advising you on the best solutions for all your pension planning needs.

Roger Schilling, President of Profit & Pension Planners, joined the firm in 1978 and represents the third generation of our retirement planning professionals. “We are a boutique firm. We concentrate on designing, installing, and administering qualified retirement plans. This is not a new product for us; this is what we do day in and day out, and what we have done for more than 65 years.”

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